Suarez, Alfonso M.
Home Phone: 765-654-7057
651 East Walnut St.
Frankfort, IN
Bro Alfonso M Suárez, a  UPCI licenced Minister pastored at 2001 the First Christian Church  Acts 2.38, in Lawrence, Indiana, a Spanish church, under the support of  Brother Terry Long, pastor of the Lawrence Apostolic Church.
Thirty years ago, Bro. Suárez  met his wife, Sister Paula J. Suárez, in his country Colombia, South America, she was originally from Frankfort, IN, and was there to help her father, Bro Merrill L. Fishback (He worked with the Assemblies of  the Lord Jesus Christ), to establish a Bible  Institute.  Brother and Sister Suárez have two daughters, Ángela Jolaine born in Colombia, and Natalie M Suárez, born in Corpus Christi, Texas, both faithful believers to the Lord and the Church.
Bro. Suárez, was raised in a family of ten children knowing the revelation of one God, Jesus Christ,  and one salvation according with Acts 2. 38, as fulfillment of the great commission of the Lord.  In Colombia he served as a pastor with the national group as well with the UPCI Church.  After marriage Sister Suárez, he helped Bro Fishback and his family in the first Apostolic bible Institute established in Colombia, working almost eight precious years  in different part of the country, work that brought great blessing for  him and his family. After our work in Colombia was done, we left Colombia, but continued helping  Bro. Fishback, several years  in México.
Then we went to Chicago,  and for glory of God, we need to say that the Lord continued helping us in the ministry in Chicago with the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ, working as assistant to Rev. Ralph Burris and his wife, for several years, and after that for my wife’s  work relocation we move to Frankfort, where
we are now living. We are attending and serving at  Christian Life Church (former Apostolic Bible Church)  Bro, Phillip Jordan, Pastor.
Also, Bro. Suárez is an IBC Divinity teacher (Spanish section), in Indianapolis, whose Director is Bro, Paul Mooney.
Bro.Suarez also travels preaching and teaching wherever he is called.