Poe, Sidney, Mississippi District
Cell Phone: 601-622-6879
Home Phone: 601-857-9967
Email: slpoe@juno.com
Adjunct Professor, Apostolic Bible Institute, St Paul, MN; Apostolic 
Leadership Institute, Enfield CT; Gateway College of Evangelism,
Hazelwood MO; Chaplain DOE, Hospice/Hospital.
Dr. Poe served as professor University of Florida and Professor and head
of department at Virginia Tech University before joining the faculty as
Dean of Christian Education at Jackson College of Ministries, Jackson
MS. He began a campus ministry at VA Tech and pastored churches both in
Virginia and Mississippi. He was ordained in the Mississippi District of
the UPCI in 1987 and served as Secretary and Director of Sunday school
in the district. He wrote training modules and taught seminars for
licensees at all levels of ministerial development. Through the years
Dr. Poe has advised and counseled many leaders, ministers, youth, and
couples, both in college and in the church. His students trained in
college and university and in Bible schools serve as leaders, teachers,
pastors, missionaries, and administrators.
Dr Poe is presently self employed as a writer, college teacher and
workshop facilitator. He founded Global Training Interaction, a
nonprofit organization specializing in “training the trainers”. He
facilitates training of leaders, teachers, and pastors in religious
missions and institutions in many countries throughout the world, and
teaches courses in several institutions of higher learning as well as
ministering in local churches.