about confidentiality

Confidentiality Standards
(In Narrative Form)

"One thing I need to address based on established standards that this ministry is guided by, and that is the limits to confidentiality in our relationship.  What you share with me will be confidential, unless it goes beyond certain parameters.  If you begin talking about suicidal intentions, homicidal intentions, rape, child abuse you've engaged in, or any other activity deemed harmful to yourself or others, I will need to go beyond our relationship, reporting to proper authorities in my state in order to help you or perhaps protect others.  I would do my best to honor our relationship and confidentiality, while helping insure that you or others are safe.  Is that clear?  I share this so that if something does come up, you will not feel betrayed by me if I have to break confidentiality.  I will do my best to let you know if I sense you might be getting close to having to go outside of our relationship and share something with the proper authorities.  Any questions?"